The Winona Farm Compost Site
Open every day, from dawn 'til dark.
Located at 22501 East Burns Valley Rd, 1.2 miles from the technical college
For information or comments call [507] 454 3126 or email Dick or Sue


Take these items to Waste Management or Miller's Scrapyard.

Grass, leaves, dirt, sod and garden waste go behind the house where the pigs will start the composting process.
Brush and tree trimmings go where the signs indicate, no lumber is to be dumped there.

Please note, the brush prices quoted below are for full loads, adjust your payment according to vehicle and load size.
Garbage bag $1 each
Trunk load between $2 and $5
Car load between $3 and $8
Van load between $5 and $8
Small pick-up between $5 and $8
Large pick-up Between $10 and $12
Pick-ups with side boards An extra $2 for small and $3 for large
Dump Trucks Between $25 and $150, ask at the site or call ahead.

Suggested charge for dumping leaves and grass is half that of the brush prices quoted above. We use a backhoe to push them into the pigs summer area, where they dig through the vegetation and help nature take its course. In the Fall the whole pile is pushed to a low area, where it is turned and allowed to compost. Your donations of organic material to add to our compost pile are very much appreciated, as are your cash donations to assist us in covering our operating costs.

We receive no government funding to assist in the running of this privately owned and operated Compost Site. We see it as a community service and know that many of our visitors feel the same way. It always makes our day when we see that as well as coming here to drop off your yard waste, you are also here to enjoy the scenery and our animals.

We accept some lumber with prior approval, do not leave any lumber here without checking with us to see if it is alright. Lumber must not be placed with the trees and brush. We do not accept treated wood, it contains poisons that would not be suitable for inclusion in compost and cannot be burned due to the release of toxins into the air we all breathe. Take it to Miller's Scrapyard.

If you choose to buy plastic bags to use when bringing your leaves and grass clippings here, please take the bags home with you and dispose of them in your own garbage. Ensure that NO plastic, tile, broken plant pots, or any other type of garbage is left here.

If you have any rocks, broken bricks, cement or the like let us know, don't just bury then under the brush or grass clippings as these items can cause damage to machinery and can become dangerous projectiles when placed in the manure spreader. We aren't excited about taking these materials, but ask us if there is a place where you could put them.

Brush is to be separate from the loose leaves, weeds, clippings etc. Handling this is more time [and fuel] consuming. We are presently experimenting in the production of Biochar, a great soil amendment.

We rely on your honesty to keep our operation running and thank those of you who pay your way.

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